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Re: FXIII, Lightning & Sazh, "Stakeout"

(Anonymous) 2010-12-17 08:16 am (UTC)(link)
Sazh Katzroy pulled his police cruiser into a secluded parking spot, shut off the ignition, and turned to look at his partner. "Well, here we are. Yet another exciting night of stakeout time. Hope you brought something to read."

Farron glanced at him, then back out the windshield, intent on their target. "You can slack off if you want to. I intend to do my job."

He shrugged at her. "Fine, whatever you say." After taking a long drink of his coffee, he pulled out a newspaper and flipped it open, then settled back in the seat, half looking over the news, half-watching the door to the townhouse, and half-observing the woman in the passenger seat. Lightning Farron -- if she had real first name, she hadn't let him in on the secret yet -- had been his partner for a month now. She was young, really green, only on her second assignment out of the Academy, or so Police Chief Raines had told him. But she was more than competent: intelligent, thorough, not as rash or as headstrong as young cops tended to be. The only thing that concerned him was her tendency to be a little too eager to bash heads. He thought back to their confrontation with three gang members the other day, when she had waded right in to the fray and punched two of them out before he could stop her. That had been a fun night of paperwork. She'd been cleared by the next day, but still, he worried. What if she pulled her gun at a bad time, got someone badly hurt or even killed? What would he do then?

On the other hand, that meant three more punk Pulse kids off the streets. Sazh might quibble with Farron's methods, but her results were hard to argue with.

"No use borrowing trouble," he mumbled to himself. Another couple of years on the street, and then he might finally be in line for that desk job that Raines kept promising him. He turned his attention back to the paper, skipping past the news to the sports section. Just as he finished that and started to turn to the comics, he was startled aware by the sound of Farron sitting up straight and lifting the binoculars to her nose. "Got something?" he asked.

"They're here," was her curt reply. Sazh folded up the newspaper and stuck it in the door well, then looked through his own binocs. There they were, the two women: one tall and dark, the other short and fair, both with ties to the Pulse underworld, maybe even the L'cie. The taller one glanced quick over her shoulder, then unlocked the apartment door and pulled it open, standing aside so the other girl could enter first. As soon as the apartment door closed, Farron was pushing the car door open, pratically leaping to the ground and slamming it shut behind her.

Sazh groaned, then followed her as quick as he could. "Wait, wait wait!" He grabbed Farron by the arm and pulled her back; she twisted free of his grip and glared at him. "Hold on, now. You can't just go barging on in there. Besides, we're supposed to be observing tonight, not making contact."

Farron tossed her head. "But they'll just get away again. This is our best chance, and I'm going in, with or without you."

"Fine, fine." Sazh sighed and shook his head. "I'll back you up. But if this gets us in trouble, I'm not taking some of the heat for you like last time, you hear?" She was already gone before he could finish the last sentence; quickly but quietly they made their way up the sidewalk, then took places on either side of the door. Farron drew her pistol, and Sazh followed suit before meeting her eyes with a nod. Holding up his other hand, he counted up to three with his fingers.

A split second later, Farron had thrown open the door and stood in the doorway, feet planted, gun out. Sazh took point behind her to peer into the darkened apartment. "Freeze!" she shouted. "I know you're in there."

Silence greeted her, and she glanced over her shoulder at Sazh. Sazh shrugged; she stepped forward and took the flashlight off her belt, sweeping over the entry hall and living room. Two couches, buried under dustcovers, empty bookshelves, an old TV in the corner. No sign that anyone was living here at all. Together they searched the dining area, the kitchen, the bedroom in the back. The place was deserted.

"Told you." Sazh leaned back against a doorframe as Farron holstered her gun. "You came in too fast, and you tipped them off. They're probably halfway across the city by now."

"Dammit," Farron muttered. She crossed her arms and looked away. "I was so sure..."

"Yeah, well, maybe you'll listen to your elders next time." Sazh looked around at the disused kitchen. "Yeah, this isn't the place. Must be a decoy. We'll have to get better intelligence next time." Farron visibly deflated, and Sazh cast her a sharp look. "What is it?"

She sighed. "It's... It's just. They have my sister."

Sazh's mouth went dry. "The Pulse gang?" Farron nodded, and he shook his head. "The chief know about this?"

Farron snorted. "What do you think?"

"I think you wouldn't be on this beat if he knew." Sazh looked at Farron, hard, and saw only resolve in her face. "But fine. I won't tell him, if you swear to me, swear, that you won't let your feelings cloud your judgement again. When we're on the case, you do what I tell you. Deal?"

"Deal." Farron dropped her arms and held out her hand. Sazh took it and gave it a firm shake.

"All right." He stepped away. "Tell me more about your sister later. For now, we'd better get back to the station so we can make our report and plan our next move."

Re: FXIII, Lightning & Sazh, "Stakeout"

(Anonymous) 2010-12-22 05:31 am (UTC)(link)
This totally just made my night. Seriously. You caught them both perfectly, and the fact Sazh was in charge was totally awesome. And Lightning being there to save her sister.

This is the best thing ever.