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Mission One: Filled Prompts | Mission One: Unfilled Prompts

General Guidelines

  1. Be kind and have fun! :)

  2. Anon away, or don't (it is your personal decision).
    • You don't need a DW account to participate.
    • If you don't want to be anon and have no account, you can use OpenID.

Leaving prompts

  1. Please leave one prompt per comment.
  2. Prompts can be as short or as long as you wish.
  3. All types of prompts are welcome (kink! gen!).
  4. Feed the meme! If possible, for every five prompts you leave, try to fill at least one. :)
  5. Please format your subject in the following ways:
    • Characters: FFV, Faris | FFXIII, Fang
    • Relationships: FFVII, Cloud/Tifa | FFIV, Cecil/Kain/Rosa
    • Friendships: TSW, Aki & Jane & Neil | FFIX, Steiner & Garnet

Filling prompts

  1. All prompts are free to be created in any medium.
  2. All prompts can be filled multiple times.
  3. When replying to prompts to fill them, retain the fandom/character information, but feel free to add other things: title, parts, etc.

Keep up with the meme

FFXIII, Fang/Vanille/Lightning

(Anonymous) 2010-12-15 12:35 am (UTC)(link)
Fang and Vanille tie Lightning up and force her to tell them what she really thinks of them. Bonus points if it becomes about their naked bodies and naughty sexytime things, and more bonus points if Fang looking and smelling like she's never taken a bath in her life becomes a focal point.

Re: FFXIII, Fang/Vanille/Lightning

(Anonymous) 2010-12-15 05:40 am (UTC)(link)
>never taken a bath in her life


Re: FFXIII, Fang/Vanille/Lightning

(Anonymous) 2010-12-15 02:51 pm (UTC)(link)
Hey, anything goes! You can change it to hasn't bathed in months if you want, it won't be written like the other prompts on here are never written anyway.