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Re: FFVIII, Quistis/Fujin - Strange

A/N: Don't know if this is what OP wanted but I had fun writing it.

It's already bad enough she had to come to this embarrassing shindig, but for Selphie to have the brass balls to ask that she wear a ridiculous costume, even if it was only a part of a costume, on top of all things - THAT was crossing the line.

"Selphie, there's not enough alcohol in the world that would get me to put on fake reindeer antlers and a red nose. Maybe if you KO'd me, you might get it on but know that once I'm revived I will come after you with Shiva and make you into a Selphie-flake," Quistis said, pushing the antlers and rubber nose back into the younger woman's hands.

Pouting, Selphie refused to give up. "At least wear the nose, for ten minutes and I'll leave you alone for the rest of the night."


Turning on the best pathetic and puppy dog face she could muster, including a lip quivering pout, Selphie waited, tears forming in the corners of her eyes for good measure. The blonde grimaced, trying to ignore the face but the longer Selphie stood there, looking as if Quistis had kicked her on top of telling her no, it was hard to ignore her. Sighing in defeat, Quistis held out her hand and made a face when Selphie whooped and jumped up in the air in victory.

Snapping on the rubber red nose and sighing, Quistis reminded herself that it was Christmas after all. As well, she quickly hoped that Selphie didn't expect a gift from her after making her do this. Refilling her glass of vodka and fruit punch, Quistis looked over the crowd of faces that laughed and talked around her. Leaning against a wall, she made small talk with drunk friends that passed back and forth. At some point, Selphie jumped on a table, obviously wasted, and began an impromptu rendition of 'Tik Tok' which halfway through turned into the theme song for Spongebob Squarepants.

"DRUNKARD," a voice said from beside Quistis, surprising her.

"I've never seen her this drunk before," Quistis laughed, wiping her eyes as she turned and saw Fujin by her side.

"STRANGE." Fujin nodded at Selphie.

"Not strange, just... Off. That's the best way to phrase Selphie."

Fujin raised an eyebrow in thought, turning to watch the brunette for a moment more before shrugging and turning back to Quistis. This time she smirked.


Remembering she still had the rubber nose, Quistis blushed in embarrassment and reached up to snatch it off, maybe even burn it later when she was safe from prying eyes. Fujin stopped Quistis' hand just before her face, shaking her head to the blonde's questioning look.


"Don't be stu...," Quistis began but was interrupted by an arm around her shoulder.

"Heeeeeeey, guys!" Selphie giggled. "Wait, you're not guys. You're chicks."

Just to make sure, a drunken hand palmed Quistis' breast making the blonde splutter and blush brighter than she had been a moment ago. Selphie, nodded to herself as if just proving some theory she always had.

"Yep, definitely girl." Tossing her head back, Selphie laughed loudly and danced away. "By the way," she called a few steps away, "guess what you two are standing under?"

Looking up, both women saw a mistletoe above them. Several people nearby also noticed and turned bemused looks to Fujin and Quistis who both looked very uncomfortable all of a sudden. Opening her mouth to protest, Quistis turned her gaze to Selphie who wagged her finger, made a kissy face, and winked at her. Oh, she was definitely going to find some way to pay back the brunette after this was all said and done. Swallowing the tug of blue magic that itched to aide her in killing a certain someone, the blonde turned to Fujin.

"Doesn't look like we have a choice."


Closing her eyes, Quistis leaned into Fujin and felt the soft breath of the other woman on her lips. Her heart should not be racing as much as it was right then, waiting in anticipation of what was to come. Fujin touched lips with her a second later, sending a wave of cheers and catcalls through the crowd around them. Except, Quistis wasn't listening to them. Only the sound of her blood rushing about in her ears could be heard and she forgot for a moment that she was suppose to be uncomfortable or embarrassed.

Almost reluctant, she pulled away to see Fujin grinning. Confused by this, she was interrupted, again, by Selphie clapping her on the back.

"Atta girl! Make sure to add more tongue next time," Selphie said before wandering off to find someone else to mortify.


Shocked, Quistis stared at Fujin wondering if she had heard right.

"What's right?"

"TONGUE," Fujin said with a mischievous smile.

Fujin reached up and removed the red nose from Quistis' face and kissed her exposed nose lightly. This was definitely turning out to be one hell of a strange Christmas party, Quistis thought to herself as she found herself chuckling and leaning in to kiss the other woman again.

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